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Groombridge Place House Restoration

Groombridge Place is a 17th century moated house near Tunbridge Wells, Kent. You may recognise it from the 2005 version of the film ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or indeed from Peter Greenaway’s 1982 movie ‘The Draughtsman’s Contract’.

A major renovation project commenced in 2007 when, on behalf of the main sub-contractor Vincent Reed, I led a small team of conservator/restorers to carry out extensive restoration and conservation of original 17th century oak (Wainscot) wall panelling, as well as other areas including staircases and original pine and oak floors.  The most demanding task was removal of the layers of blue paint that had been put on the oak wainscoting some time in the 19th century. The paint was oil based and had to be chemically softened and mechanically removed -  that’s with a paint scraper and a 2” bronze brush to work the paint free from the wood grain. Painstaking work but worth the effort. When the paint was finally removed, it was then possible to assess the condition that the wall panels where in and to decide on any remedial action needed. Several of the large 6x4 foot panels made from jointed half inch 1 foot pit sawn wainscot planks, had come apart  and needed to be re jointed and glued. Quite daunting when you consider that this contemporary panelling was most likely installed c. 1660. Having stripped and repaired all surfaces, the slightly less laborious task of sealing and re-polishing was undertaken.


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