Services available include most disciplines typically required to successfully execute restoration or conservation of antique, period, and modern furniture; architectural features; and wooden artifacts.  Clifford Garrett is also a Luthier and makes hand made Classical and  Steel String Acoustic guitars.

Service List

I offer a professional restoration  and conservation service including repair and/or replacement of damaged/missing furniture parts;

treatment and consolidation of aged and weak timber through insect infestation.

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Furniture repairs, restoration and conservation

Yes, French polishing is available. However, this is only one type of ‘finish’ and is not applicable to pre 19th century furniture.

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Surface finish repairs & polishing, French polishing               

I am able to offer a repair and refinishing service for most types of wooden surface, e.g. wooden floors, panelled walls, etc.

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Architectural restoration

Clifford Garrett guitars are fully hand made and are tailored to your individual specification. Classical models based on traditional designs by Antonio de Torres,  Hermann Hauser, Ramonillos, etc. Steel String Acoustics based on Martin, Gibson, etc.

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Guitar Making

All forms of finish are catered for including painted, faux, gilding, oil and wax polishing.

Far too much of our heritage is being damaged or lost due to inappropriate or poor craftsmanship.